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Links to my customised files

The other pages on this site give you ideas about how to run mkgmap and customise styles and TYP files. I thought it might be helpful to provide the various scripts, style files and TYP files that I have created or found online whilst trying to learn all this stuff myself.

style files

TYP files

  • CFMaster.TYP
    I create a series of different maps for different countries; each map has a different Family ID so I can have them all installed simultaneously in Mapsource. As a result, I also have to maintain a series of TYP files which are identical in all respects except Family ID. I make all changes to the CFMaster.TYP file, then propagate these changes to individual TYP files with names like CF1400.TYP, CF1470.TYP etc, using the propagation script in the next link. Note that this file goes hand-in-hand with the GPS and Mapsource styles linked to above. It will not work properly with other styles.
    If you use CFMaster.TYP, you will need to make sure that its Family ID matches that of the map tiles you create with mkgmap.
  • Master TYP master propagator.
    This little batch file does the propagation referred to above, in combination with set_typ a small Perl file created by Clinton Gladstone (see mkgmap-dev mailing list, January 2010).

Batch files

These batch files are customised to my particular build environment. In particular, the folder structure I use to save files and java executables will most likely not be the same as yours, so my batch files won't automatically work for you. I provide them more as an aid so that others can get clues as to how to automate various map-making steps.


  • split_GCC.bat
    This automates the splitting of Geofabrik extracts and is designed to work with the Protobuf (PBF) format that is a more compact and efficient storage format for OSM data. Geofabrik's PBF extracts are usually more up-to-date than their normal extracts. It assumes your extracts are labelled by date and attempts to suggest the most recent extract so you don't have to do that manually.


  • I use a variety of Windows batch files to automate map creation. I just double click the batch file and it compiles everything just the way I want it (in conjunction with the options files listed below).
    • GPS batch file
      This creates a single gmapsupp.img using the CF_GPS style, incorporates the appropriate TYP file (i.e. with the right Family ID) and uses the map compilation options specified in the options_GCC_GPS.args file which you can download below
    • Mapsource batch file
      This creates the various tiles that Mapsource displays, as well as the TDB file required for installation and the MDX file that contains the search index (enabling "Find Places" in Mapsource).

mkgmap options files file

Garmin type codes

  • A partial list of the Garmin type codes with symbols
    This is a spreadsheet containing all the possible Garmin type codes, with visual and verbal descriptions of how they appear on my GPS unit and in Mapsource when no TYP file is used. Thanks to Heinz Brinker for the GPSMap 62st POI categories.

Older stuff (which I no longer use but kept here for archive purposes)

OSM generate

See here for more details on this little programme that can generate an arbitrarily large grid of POIs or polygons so you can see what a given Garmin type code corresponds to on your GPS unit, or in Mapsource.


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